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Maximize your productivity with our 1.1kg/hr flow rate VEDA extrusion system (VXS) for strong, reliable prints

No more failed prints

Having full control over your throughput means that you lay perfect layers on top of each other.
Take a step closer to less failed prints, beautifully bonded layers and an extrusion system you can trust.

Print stronger parts

Produce parts that can be used in functional applications.

Our recipe is: Fully melt the filament, put perfect layers, cool it rapidly. The VXS’s hot-end splits the filament in 6 channels and melts it perfectly without compromising on control so you can excel in producing the best parts for your clients.

Conventional Extrusion

VXS Extrusion

HOVER OVER THE PHOTO AND Check how the prints compare with conventional systems under the microscope.

Experience lightning-fast FDM

With flow rates up to 1.1kg/hr you can reach closer to the flow of pallet extrusion with the control and definition that FFF enables. Imagine how much more you can print without getting more printers.

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perfectly melts the material by splitting it into 6 channels


Designed to work flawlessly with the vxs, super durable


no slip, no headache. have full control over your material


makes cuts in the filament to have the perfect grip


The VEDA EXTRUSION SYSTEM is designed to print fastER, more reliable and stronger.
Unlock new potential by upgrading your printer with the VXS.

what does faster printing mean?

We helped MVRDV, an international architecture company based in Rotterdam, with our Veda Extrusion System (VXS).
Watch Nico Bouchard, the digital fabricator of MVRDV, talk about how they benefited from our systems.


Our goal is to make the VXS available for all mid-large format FDM gantries.
Contact us for all supported printers and download manuals & .stl files for mounting

Print 10x more with the VXS Upgrade kit for ultimaker

Veda Accelerate

Veda is your fast 3D printing expert.
whether you are a print service or a company who wants to explore 3d printing, we help you optimize your workflow.

Our state of the art technologies and expertise will help you increase your Return on Investment in all applications of FFF 3D Printing.

STEP 1 Explore faster printing
+%25 productivity

STEP 2 increase your production
+%500 productivity

STEP 3 smart manufacturing
+%1000 productivity

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