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We offer top-of-the-line 3D printing solutions that will make your model making as fast as your digital creation. Print now and have your model ready for your client meeting.

Faster & higher quality models

Bring your ideas to life

Using physical models to present and explore concepts is an essential part of the architectural process. It helps clients get involved and communicate ideas in an effective manner. Ideas come to life with 3D printing, where the physical models are created by the push of a button, with hardly any human interaction required.

See how MVRDV boosted their modelling workflow with our 3D printing technologies

We helped MVRDV, an international architecture company based in Rotterdam, with our Veda Extrusion System (VXS). 

Watch Nico Bouchard, the digital fabricator of MVRDV, talk about how they benefited from our systems.

Physical models grab the attention in a different way as opposed to on-screen models.

A new design perspective

Digital fabrication helps with the internal evaluation and creation processes, giving you new perspective of shapes, interaction with light and the overall concepts. Holding a physical model challenges your brain in a different way than looking at a 3D model on a screen, allowing you to see what otherwise would have remained unseen, feel what couldn’t be felt before.

Having a fast interaction between physical and computer generated models is key to make designs thrive. 3D printers are a perfect solution for these purposes. 3D printers using the Veda Extrusion System (VXS) allow you to iterate multiple times a day as opposed to weeks.

With advanced 3D printing systems you can use recycled materials in your models.

Sustainable model making

3D printing provides plenty of opportunities when it comes to presentation and evaluation of models. It also helps with making this process more sustainable. Less waste, recycled materials, biodegradable plastics and even recycling old models are amongst the opportunities 3D printing brings to the office.

Using the Veda Extrusion System (VXS) presents you the use of different recycled materials. These models can later be recycled and turned into new filament. By doing this, you can take a positive step of making your company more ecologically friendly.

Don't compromise from quality while printing fast!

We help companies print faster with our Veda Extrusion System (VXS), without compromising quality and reliability. 

Our systems are designed to deliver you the cleanest prints with fastest print times.

VXS System

Faster, Better, Stronger prints

With our patented Veda Extrusion System (VXS), you can upgrade your existing printer to optimize your modelling workflow.

Veda Accelerate

Let us optimize your workflow

With years of experience, our experts can help you optimize your 3D printing workflow. Starting from 249 EUR, no cure no pay.

Custom builds

Perfect printers for you

Tailor made 3D printers fitted with the latest Veda Extrusion System (VXS) to scale up 3D printing in your business. 

Already using 3D Printing? We help you optimize you workflow in 3 easy steps.

Veda is your fast 3D printing expert. Our state of the art technologies and expertise will help you increase your Return on Investment in all applications of FFF 3D Printing. Whether you’re in the business of rapid prototyping or doing mass customized production, a Veda Extrusion System (VXS) with over 1 kg/hour of extrusion rate, turns your 3D printer into a beast of a machine. We offer these next generation 3D printing solutions in three easy steps.

Step 1

Explore faster printing

+25% Productivity

We optimize your model to work flawlessly with your printer and save at least 25% time on your prints.

Step 2

Increase your production

Up to +500% Productivity

You can save time and money by printing 5x faster with our extrusion system + optimization.

Step 3

Smart manufacturing

Up to +1000% Productivity

Tailor made machines fitted with the latest Veda Extrusion System to scale up 3D printing in your business.

Discover in what way your organization can benefit from implementing 3D printing

New to 3D printing?

Did you know you can significantly improve the efficiency of your processes and supply chain? Whether it is production, prototyping or fabrication of speciality parts, our technologies have the potential to transform your business. We offer next generation 3D printing solutions ready to go.

Do you have an Ultimaker?

Check out our Veda Ultimaker Upgrade to print 10x more! 

With our upgrade, you get the VXS + completely new electronics, wiring, resonance tuning, remote control interface, belts, bearings, rods, bed stability improvement and a new set of nozzles.

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