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Veda Extrusion System VXS-150

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Why go for VXS-150

The Veda Extrusion System (VSX-150) is an All-in-One upgrade package containing all the necessary components to turbo boost any printer’s performance.

The VXS-150 Feeder (patent pending) is due to its “cutting edge” drive wheel intrinsicall slip-free, significantly reducing filament related failures, improving retractions and thus print quality, while allowing for high volumetric flow rates.

The VXS-150 Hot-end (patent pending) uses a topological optimised melt zone to achieve consistent fully molten extrusion (see Fig1 A and B), enabling a high flowrate
(see chart: Strength vs Flow) at any speed and acceleration with oozing nearly eliminated.

The design of the Extrusion System allows compatibility with most FDM 3D printer on the market allowing users to increase performance of their current, previous and future generations of FDM machines.

> Superb print quality
> High print reliability
> Volumetric flow rates up to 700 gr/hr
> Compatible with most FDM 3D Printers


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