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Print 25% stronger without slip and any other traditional failures. Learn more about FDM 2.0.

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Veda is your fast 3D printing expert. Our state of the art technologies and expertise will help you increase your Return on Investment in all applications of FFF 3D Printing. Whether you’re in the business of rapid prototyping or doing mass customized production, a Veda Extrusion System (VXS) with over 1 kg/hour of extrusion rate, turns your 3D printer into a beast of a machine. We offer these next generation 3D printing solutions in three easy steps.

Step 1

Explore faster printing

+25% Productivity

We optimize your model to work flawlessly with your printer and save at least 25% time on your prints.

Step 2

Increase your production

Up to +500% Productivity

You can save time and money by printing 5x faster with our extrusion system + optimization.

Step 3

Smart manufacturing

Up to +1000% Productivity

Tailor made machines fitted with the latest Veda Extrusion System to scale up 3D printing in your business.

More productivity for your 3D printing business?

With Veda Accelerate service, our experts help you in 3 simple steps to optimize your printing so you can print & earn more!

See how MVRDV boosted their modelling workflow with our 3D printing technologies

We helped MVRDV, an international architecture company based in Rotterdam, with our Veda Extrusion System (VXS). 

Watch Nico Bouchard, the digital fabricator of MVRDV, talk about how they benefited from our systems.

Why VXS?

Faster and more powerful extrusion

No slip with patented blade technology

Injection Molding-like flow consistency

Modular All-in-One package


Take Your FDM Printer to the next level

The Veda Extrusion System (VXS) is an All-in-One upgrade package containing all the necessary components to turbo boost any printer’s performance!

The VXS Blade Feeder– With it’s “cutting edge” drive wheel and it’s “slip-free”design, the Blade Feeder allows for full control of filament extrusion. This new take on a feeder system significantly reduces filament related failures, improving retractions and print quality while allowing for high volumetric flow rates up to 150mm³/s

The VXS Fusion Hotend (patent pending) uses a topological optimised melt zone to achieve consistent fully molten extrusion enabling users to print at high flows and speed while still maintaining the quality and strength of your printed parts. With our high temp thermistor and stainless steel nozzle set, The VXS-150 is compatible with all materials from PLA, composites to industrial high temperature materials right out of the box.

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Click and watch how our system prints with 211 g/hr flow rate compared to the stock UM3 that prints with 21 g/hr.

Print 10x more with your Ultimaker!

Upcycle your old Ultimaker platform with our brand new upgrade kit! The upgrade includes our VXS extruder, new electronics with a multitude of improvents and additional features and finally as a courtesy we’ll give it a fresh set of belts and bearings to make it run as new. The only difference is it’s now capable of printing 10x more then you used to…

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