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All-In-One Package

The Veda VXS-150 is an All-In-One package to turbo boost your 3D printing experience.

Update your printer to FDM 2.0


An extrusion system without compromise, the powerful Veda Fusion Blade achieves volumetric flow rates up to 700 gr/hr (150mm³/s) at temperatures less than or equal to filament manufacturers' recommendations. Using the industry's highest quality machining tolerances, the Blade feeder sports a sleek aluminium housing and Drivewheel while the Fusion hotend combines a heat efficient aluminium hotend with a size-selectable steel nozzle, complementing both the needed toughness against high-wear filaments with a perfect thermal seal of the screw thread during operation.

This feeder takes an unconventional patented approach to the classic extruder design, replacing the usual hobbed bolt concept with literal cutting edge technology: a symmetric Drivewheel contains 30 of the sharpest, most resilient cutting blades positioned in the feed path to pierce and push the filament with up to 200N of force. To keep everything together, the drive wheel and sleek enclosure is machined from aluminium and undergone accelerated life testing, demonstrating over 200 hours of continuous printing. New Drivewheels are inexpensive and easily replaceable.

This hotend uses patented filament core melting technology to achieve fully consistent molten extrusion, even from the largest (2.5mm) nozzle. The high tolerance, machined aluminium heat block provides immediate responsiveness from the symmetric, triple-cartridge 300W heater power, while the durable and easily swappable steel nozzle delivers extended performance with high-abrasive materials.

  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 450°C
  • Heating Power: 300W
  • Maximum Extrusion Rates Per Nozzle:
    • 0.4mm: 60mm³/s
    • 0.6mm:  80mm³/.s
    • 0.8mm: 100mm³/s
    • 1.0mm:  120mm³/s
    • 1.2mm- 2mm: up to 150mm³/s
  • Maximum Backpressure: 31Mpa / 200N

Benchmarks of the VXS-150 system

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per second

0 gr/hr


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Stronger parts

What is included in the kit?

VXS-150 Fusion Blade Feeder

VXS-150 Fusion Hotend

Full Stainless Steel Nozzle Set (0.4, 0.6, 0.8, 1, 1.2, 1.5, 2)

Wrecklabs Printhat V2*

  • 3x 100W Cartridge (230v)

  • 1x Heatsink Fan

  • 1x High temp Thermistor (max 450c)

  • 4x Cooling Fans

  • Relay kit

  • Wiring kit

  • JST connector kit

  • Raspberri Zero 2W

  • *additional board required for printers with more than 5 stepper drivers

VXS-150 Kit


*excluding VAT + Shipping Costs

Printer Compatibility

The Veda VXS-150 is compatible with most 3D printers. For optimal performance, we do recommend 3D printers with a solid frame and uses linear bearing or linear rails.

  • RatRig V-core Series
  • Voron 2.4, 1.8, Trident, Legacy
  • Ultimaker Original, 2, 2+,2+ Connect, 3, s3
  • And many more to come

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