Features of the VXS Kit:

  • Increased extrusion speed and power: Achieve a faster and more powerful extrusion with the VXS Kit.
  • No slip technology: Patented blade technology ensures a smooth printing process without any slips.
  • IM-like flow consistency: Provides a consistent flow that’s unparalleled in the industry.
  • Modular design: This all-in-one package integrates seamlessly with your existing printer setup.





The Veda VXS Kit is an all-encompassing solution designed to elevate your 3D printing experience to unprecedented levels. It is a seamless integration of power, speed, and reliability that provides a significant performance boost to your existing printer setup. With its advanced patented technology and innovative design, the VXS kit promises a printing experience that’s robust, quick, and consistently high in quality.

Benchmarks of the VXS

  • Extrusion Speed: 250 mm³ per second
  • Flow Rate: 1,100 g/hr
  • Strength: Enhances part strength by more than 15%


Power and Performance:

The VXS Extrusion System brings uncompromised power and performance to your 3D printing setup. The Veda Fusion Blade can achieve volumetric flow rates of up to 1,100 g/hr (250mm³/s), all while maintaining the recommended filament temperature. The Blade feeder and Fusion hotend, both housed in a sleek aluminum casing, work in harmony to create prints that are not only strong and durable but also thermally efficient.

Blade Feeder:

The Blade Feeder utilizes an unconventional and patented approach to extruder design. Replacing the standard hobbed bolt with cutting-edge technology, the symmetric Drivewheel contains 30 sharp blades that efficiently pierce and push the filament with up to 200N of force. The entire assembly is housed in a durable aluminum casing that has been proven to perform exceptionally well in over 200 hours of continuous printing.

Fusion Hotend:

The Fusion Hotend makes use of patented filament core melting technology to ensure consistent molten extrusion, even with the largest (2.5mm) nozzle. It uses a high tolerance, machined aluminum heat block for immediate responsiveness, paired with a durable and easily replaceable steel nozzle for extended performance with high-abrasive materials.

Technical Details

  • Filament Diameter: 2.85mm
  • Maximum Temperature: 450°C
  • Heating Power: 300W
  • Maximum Extrusion Rates Per Nozzle:
    • 0.4mm: 125mm³/s
    • 0.6mm: 160mm³/s
    • 0.8mm: 200mm³/s
    • 1.0mm: 225mm³/s
    • 1.2mm- 2mm: up to 250mm³/s
  • Maximum Backpressure: 31Mpa / 200N

Included in the Kit:

  • 3x 150W Veda Cartridge (48v)
  • 1x Heatsink Fan
  • 1x High temp Thermistor (max 450c)
  • 4x Cooling Fans
  • Relay kit
  • Wiring kit
  • 48V 600W Power supply
  • JST connector kit

VXS Variations Table:

VXS Variant Power Supply Sensor Extra Information Power
VXS – AC 220V AC 220V HT Sensor Max Temp: 400°C 450W
VXS – AC 220V AC 220V Regular Sensor Max Temp: 250°C 450W
VXS – AC 220V AC 220V PT100 Sensor Requires Compatible Board 450W
VXS – DC 48V DC 48V HT Sensor Max Temp: 400°C 300W
VXS – DC 48V DC 48V Regular Sensor Max Temp: 250°C 300W
VXS – DC 48V DC 48V PT100 Sensor Requires Compatible Board 300W


Elevate your 3D printing experience to new heights with the Veda VXS Kit. It’s strong, it’s fast, it’s reliable – and it’s waiting for you.

Additional information

Weight 2 kg

220V AC, 48V DC


High Temp Thermistor, Regular Thermistor, PT1000


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